DIR/Floortime is a therapy method designed for those with a range of developmental challenges including autistic spectrum disorders.  Floortime can be done by parents, family, and trained professionals to help stimulate and build a child’s developmental growth.  Developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and derived from the Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model (DIR), Floortime is designed to “meet children where they are”, and builds upon their own strengths, interests and abilities through relationships and interactions. By starting where the child is, DIR/Floortime ultimately encourages the child to do the thinking.

Unlike many other therapies which are typically led by an adult who is deciding, showing and telling the child what do to,DIR/Floortime engages children in their interests, building on that emotional capacity and interest and ultimately challenging a child to master new milestones.  DIR/Floortime can be used at home, school, during Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and ABA Therapy.

Primary principles of Floortime:

  • Following a child’s lead to join their world, connecting with their motivation, and helping the child feel more in control.  A child’s interests are the windows to his or her emotional life. . A child's interests show us what holds meaning or pleasure; with that information, we can build on their strengths and abilities.
  • Challenging the child to move up the developmental ladder, helping with social interactions, problem solving and thinking, pattern recognition, and continuous communication.  
  • Expanding the child’s world (without taking control) to encourage creativity, abstract thinking, and understanding dynamic patterns.  Ultimately we want to get a continuous flow of communication going back and forth.


What Bergen Pediatric Therapy's Floortime therapist does:

Our trained Floortime therapist will do an initial assessment and then meet with your child twice weekly.  The assessment measures a wide range of emotional developmental levels through observing play and parent input. Once a plan is in place, therapy will continue at the office and the parent/caregivers, etc. will be coached so they can do Floortime at home as well.

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