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Stacy Cancelarich, LCSW has worked since 2007 as a Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist and has her own private practice. Stacy’s philosophy for therapy stems from the understanding that every individual is unique, with a unique life story, and a unique set of needs. Stacy provides personalized services, providing each client the freedom and a safe and confidential space to share their challenges; emotions, struggles, fears and concerns.

Stacy Cancelarich provides supportive psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults.  Stacy Cancelarich specializes in working with children who have special needs and their families.

The challenges we face can be overwhelming

Stacy Cancelarich, LCSW, believes the challenges we face as individuals and families can at times be overwhelming to manage on our own.

Stacy's goal in working with clients, especially children who have special needs and their families, is:

  • To provide the empathy and support needed to help them feel understood,
  • To help clients empower themselves,
  • To work with their own resilience, and
  • To build the support systems to face these challenges.

Therapy should provide a safe and supportive, environment, without judgment, for the expression of feelings that may not be easily shared with family and friends.

The entire staff of Bergen Pediatric Therapy's goal is to broaden the possibilities of all children and families they serve.
Stacy Cancelarich’s goal in working with clients is to provide the empathy and support needed to feel understood and to help empower others to work with their own resilience and build support systems to face these challenges.

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