Bergen Pediatric Therapy provides all pediatric therapies in our 6000 square foot Westwood NJ facility.

Our facility has two occupational therapy gyms, a physical therapy gym, two private rooms for speech therapy, and a pool for aquatic therapy where we can provide children with an innovative multi-disciplinary approach to pediatric therapy with therapy services all within our facility including:

occupational-therapy-gym at bergen pediatric therapyOccupational Therapy Gyms

Main sensory gym with two smaller rooms attached for tasks requiring focus and attention and an  additional gym down the hall with access to the same equipment, games and resources as the main gym.

Main Sensory Gym

Our main, sensory gym encourages exploratory play by incorporating different types of sensory input in a safe, non-threatening environment. Sensory integration may be facilitated through a wide variety of swings, the zip line, and the ball pit.  Children can explore tactile bins and messy play, with a sink located in each room for quick and easy clean up.  Proprioceptive and deep, calming input may be provided actively via the trampoline, tunnels, or steamroller.  Weighted blankets, compression vests are also available during sit down and tabletop activities.

Adaptive tools and equipment are readily available to facilitate grasp, handwriting, and scissoring, as children work to accomplish tasks independently.

We have games and activities appropriate and engaging for infants through age 21 and a wide range of dynamic equipment to challenge balance, coordination and promote strengthening. we have active computer games such as Timocco and Interactive Metronome can be used to motivate and add variety to sessions.

-walls-with-rockwall-coveragePhysical Therapy Gym

Our Physical Therapy Gym is designed with the child in mind, replacing machines and heavy-duty “gym” equipment with an environment kids are eager to enter.  Two walls have Rockwall coverage with attached private area for therapeutic massage.  Rock wall coverage exists over 2 walls, with monkey bars attached to the ceiling and the option for swing set up.  We also have access to variety of sensory equipment when appropriate.  A wide variety of ride on toys, sporting equipment, and therapeutic tools to promote balance and coordination are readily available.  We have a Light Gait for treadmill training and a private room with massage table for use as needed.

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Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center


Private Rooms for Speech and Language Pathology

Each of our private rooms are setup to implement play-based services and keep children engaged throughout therapy sessions whether the focus is oral-motor, prompt therapy or other speech or language therapies.

Sinks are located in the room, with direct access to a refrigerator and kitchen to facilitate feeding sessions.

A wide variety of books, speech/language games, cause-effect toys are available as well as access to gross motor equipment in the sensory gym to facilitate language.

lisa-with-boy-in-pool at Bergen Pediatric Therapy

Aquatic Therapy Pool

Our heated, saltwater pool is kept at a therapeutic temperature of 93°F.  The depth ranges from 3 ½ – 4ft, which is great for young children and ideal for activities like gait training.  A Hoyer lift is available for those unable to take the stairs.  Parents/caregivers may observe from within or through the large observation window. Typical pool equipment as well as games and age appropriate toys are available to enhance outcomes and overall engagement depending on specific client needs.

Two private changing rooms enter into the pool room. Both changing rooms are handicapped accessible equipped with grab bars, shower chair, and height adjustable showerhead.  Changing tables are located in each room as well.  The open floor plan allows ample space for strollers or wheelchairs.  Towels are provided.

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