Heated Salt Water Therapy Pool

mommy-and-me in Heated Salt water Therapy Pool at Bergen Pediatric Therapy for aquatic therapy

Private and Personal

Every child that participates in our pool therapy sessions receives care from at least one professional, if not two. This creates a safe atmosphere that is hands-on and productive. The water itself is 3 1/2 – 4 feet deep, which is an optimal depth for steering around the pool and thus increasing mobilization for your child. This way, your child can get a fully helpful experience in the water.


Heated Saltwater Effects

The Aqua Therapy Pool is an amazing place for therapy. Its weightlessness allows children to perform physical tasks that they couldn’t, or would have a tough time with, on land. The heated water (93 degrees fahrenheit) especially contributes to the process as well. It’s warm enough to relax the muscles and allow for serious balance and motor skills practice. The art of swimming and moving in water allows for full body cohesion and awareness, allowing your child to become aware of all of his body’s capabilities. By doing this, your child will gain physical abilities out of the water to help in everyday life.

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