Social Group Therapy

The social groups are designed to help children of various ages and disabilities to interact with their peers. Depending on the level and age of the children in the group the goals may vary but we would like the children to develop the ability to maintain conversation, listen, take turns, and make requests, and state desires and feelings. Social Group Therapy is overseen by a special educator and speech / language pathologist, who helps to facilitate these goals in a setting of two, three or four children.

Social Group Therapy Goalssocial groups therapy

  • Initiating and Maintaining Conversations
  • Nonverbal and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Emotions and Self-control
  • Perspective Taking and Flexibility
  • Problem Solving and Negotiating Awareness of Social Cues
  • Group Dynamics and more

Gaining Group Confidence

Our group settings provide the appropriate social setting for children to gain the confidence to speak in conversation, amongst a group, and generally publicly. It’s not enough to rid of a social impairment if it returns in social settings. By practicing in groups, children learn how to communicate clearly and effectively.

Learning to Socialize

Amongst these group therapy sessions, children also learn how to present themselves in social settings. They learn how kids their age can be their friends and how to talk to them. By learning to socialize, they build many of their own characteristics, such as confidence. Socializing is also a key to participating in society and ultimately leading a well-rounded, elated life. These group sessions also teach children how to make relationships among their peers to the best of their ability. By guiding the children through these sessions, they learn group manners and how to best speak with one another, regardless of their hindering conditions.

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