Victor Wang, Co-Founder

wang-family with Victor and EJ

Victor with his wife with their son EJ, a child with Autism

Victor Wang, a parent of EJ Wang, a child with Autism, has endured the hardships and joy of overseeing his son’s therapies and progress wanted to provide a center based facility providing multiple services for children in one location.

Knowing Lisa Koo’s aspiration and how much of a great resource and guide she was for his son’s therapies, Victor enlisted Lisa Koo to open a multi-disciplinary center and not just a sensory gym.

As a parent of a child with special needs, Victor realized the need for a facility that allowed families to receive most if not all of their therapeutic services at a single location and take advantage of a collaborative approach. For example, carrying over sensory integration techniques from an occupational therapy session to a speech therapy session in order to help the child remain focused and organized.

The child’s therapeutic progress can also be closely followed by all disciplines.

The entire staff of Bergen Pediatric Therapy’s goal is to broaden the possibilities of all children and families they serve. They strive daily to provide excellent comprehensive services to each child by not only serving the child’s needs but by also supporting all members of the family.

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