Bergen Pediatric Therapy provides all pediatric therapies in our nearly 5000 square foot facility at 354 Old Hook Road, Westwood, NJ  facility as well as at our 160 Terrace Street,  Haworth NJ location.

At Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center, our physical therapy specialists strive to provide children with an innovative multidisciplinary approach to Pediatric Therapy with therapy services including:

We also provide home based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Our Vision

At Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center, our team of professionals work with your children to help create the best lives for your child. Our professionals work on fixing issues, strengthening weaknesses, and optimizing your child’s strengths.

The goals of Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center is:

  • To provide the best possible therapeutic service to the children.
  • To utilize a team centered approach by collaborating with physicians, therapists, and others involved in the child’s care.
  • To treat your child collectively by a dedicated, caring, hands-on team.
  • To be a resource to parents and provide a nurturing environment by catering to the physical and emotional needs of the family.

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Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center

Bergen Pediatric Therapy’s Purpose

wang-family with Victor and EJ before Pediatric Occupational Physical Therapy

Inspired by co-founder Victor Wang’s son EJ and his story, we’ve dedicated ourselves to progressive practices that have shown real improvement in concerning situations.
Bergen Pediatric Therapy have seen serious improvement in pediatric conditions including Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADHD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Sensory Processing Delay, Cognitive / Developmental Delays and Spinal Cord Injuries / Spina Bifida.

Our variety of skillsets and practices combined with our employees’ passion creates an amazing environment for your children- you can even sit in which allows you to watch your child’s progress step-by-step or for you to just check it out once to see how it goes.

We hope you will join us in working to unlock your child’s full potential. Watching your child progress is both exciting and inspiring.

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