Cognitive / Developmental Delays

bergen pediatric speech therapyWhat Are Developmental Delays?

Cognitive and developmental delays can be found in many aspects of a child’s development throughout his/her adolescence. Generally, Developmental Delays can include problems in areas ranging from fine motor skills, general motor skills, language skills, social skills, or cognitive skills (critical thinking, mathematics, logic, etc.). While one may assume this problem would be an outstanding difficulty with any of the above, minor difficulties could also implicate developmental delays that require attention.

It’s critical to address developmental delays because a child’s adolescence is a crucial learning and growing segment of a child’s life that builds a lot of character and ability. Any indications of developmental delays should be addressed and properly diagnosed.

How To Diagnose Developmental Delays

Many children have issues in certain areas of their life – no child is perfect. Therefore, identifying difficulties that may actually be developmental delays is a difficult process. Major and minor difficulties in areas of development can all be problems that require special treatment and/or education. Parents are the primary identifier of a child’s developmental delays as they observe the child perform many daily tasks. Additionally, teachers can be of help when noticing problems in the classroom. It’s crucial for a parent to be in communication with the teachers of the child.
Once a problem is identified and deemed detrimental to a child’s performance in social settings, physical activities, or in cognitive situations, a parent should take their child to a primary care provider. Also, the child could go to a pediatric neurologist or a developmental and behavioral pediatrician. Pediatricians can decide if the problems are developmental delays or just habits the child could grow out of.

What To Do About Cognitive / Developmental Delays

Proper aiding depends upon the area of the problem. The child’s school system should always be alerted because class is where a child will spend a lot of social, cognitive, and physical time.

Additionally, a therapist could be consulted for cognitive or physical problems or to go through training programs.

In the U.S. including Bergen County, New Jersey, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guarantees a free and appropriate public education for every child with a disability, including Cognitive / Developmental Delays.

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