The Tomatis Effect

The Tomatis Effect demonstrated that if you change the way the ear works, you affect all the body’s major functions. These changes, in turn, can produce profound transformations in how we function.


The middle ear muscles which are stimulated by he electronic gating

The ear and nervous system are intricately connected; so, as the ear expands its capacities, the brain also expands its capabilities and states of awareness.

Listening is disturbed when there is a dysfunction of the two muscles located in the middle ear. The role of these muscles is to enable the precise and harmonious integration of acoustic information in the inner ear, and from there to the brain. When the brain is disturbed, it triggers protective mechanisms which inhibit listening.

Solisten® which provides the Tomatis Effect restores these two auditory muscles to their full working ability.

Here at Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center, the Solisten® is provided in our center for two phases of 15 days each. Each day you listen for two consecutive hours. After a break of 3-4 weeks, you listen for another 15-day period of two consecutive hours a day. During this period, your Solisten® practitioner monitors your progress.

Every situation is unique. In many situations, the initial 60 hours are sufficient. In some situations, continual listening may be necessary over a longer period of time to achieve greater goals and desires. This is determined together by the Solisten provider and client as his or her program progresses.

Are There Differences between the Tomatis Method and Solisten?

Yes and no. Both provide the renowned Tomatis Effect. Tomatis developed specific functions in the Electronic Ear that provide gating and two delays processed through the EE and relayed through special headphones with bone and air conduction. The result of these programmed and combined functions is called the Tomatis Effect.

Dr. Tomatis began his work with individuals, working with their voices. He invented the Electronic Ear to strengthen speech and voice quality. While the Tomatis Method offers active voice work, Solisten obtains the renowned Tomatis Effect without active work and voice recordings. Solisten begins with an initial interview and screening. It does not require the Tomatis Listening Test.

Solisten by itself is not an FDA approved stand-alone program (as is the case with all sound interventions) and is not recognized in the USA as a medical intervention that seeks medical reimbursement. At our center we focus on occupational and physical therapy services in an adult-child one to one ratio and we add Solisten as one of our many tools.

Licensed by Tomatis Developpement S.A. for the application of the Tomatis® Method. More Info at

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