Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy at BPTC

Speech Therapy is the evaluation and remediation for children with difficulties in articulation, fluency, resonance, receptive language and expressive language due to oral motor weakness, motor planning problems, birth defects, hearing impairments, or other developmental and communicative disorders. The speech pathologist at Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center is PROMPT trained and is able to work with children diagnosed with apraxia. Also help with social skills necessary for children to interact at home, in school and within the community.

  • Stimulate Communication
  • Oral Motor Development
  • Motor Planning Skills
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social Skills

    Language Mission Statement

    Learning how to speak properly is ideal in the young stages of life. It's also the easiest period of time to fix any speech impediments or issues, before it's ingrained in the child's habits. By guiding children through this process, speech- including pronunciation, fluid sentencing, and proper manners- can be learned and formed into habits. Children can take these lessons home to practice throughout the days and weeks they don't have classes. It's an all-around, fully involved program that is determined to assure your child improves his speech every day.

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